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Vocational Education

Is Your Son Struggling
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at Master’s Ranch

vocational education

When your son struggles to succeed in a public school setting, this may be an excellent time to search for better options. Did you know that there are top boarding schools in the U.S. that offer more than the usual academic program for troubled boys? When you explore our website, you might be surprised to find even more possibilities for your son’s future success. 

Vocational education is one of the great strengths of the Master’s Ranch Christian Academy boarding school program. Hard work is highly valued at the ranch. The boys gain confidence, build character, and develop life skills through voluntary work projects, which are in addition to regular chores. Boys learn to use many different hands and power tools. When they graduate, they are conversant with doing “man” things around the home and shop. The wide variety of trades includes:

  • Brick Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Plumbing
  • Computer Basics
  • Culinary Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry

Troubled boys struggling with negative actions and outcomes at public schools often fail in many other phases of life. As a result of acquiring bad habits or trying to avoid the consequences of poor choices, troubled boys can quickly fall off the path to success.

The good news is that you can make a good choice for them to enroll in a top accredited boarding school that offers new perspectives and transformation. Look beyond local schools. We provide a safe, secure living environment that supports positive learning and promotes life-changing vocational training. We help troubled boys find purpose in life and a prosperous vocational future. Your son can take courses that help identify unique strengths, talents, and abilities. Then each boy finds the best match for personal and vocational interests to develop a passion for work and a successful future.

Students enrolled at our therapeutic boarding school receives more than just academic and vocational training. Master’s Ranch encourages the personal discipline of mind and body, as well as nurture and educate them toward setting and achieving goals. As they take on new responsibilities and progress through our structured vocational education program, they also earn personal freedom from worries and troubles in the past. Even teens with no hope can gain real-life skills and experiences that enable them to become independent, productive adult leaders.

Vocational Education

The residential vocational education program at our therapeutic boarding school provides plenty of opportunities for developing a life of learning, loving, and serving others well. Everyday tasks and activities with other students from a diverse mix of backgrounds help them see themselves, others, and the world in refreshing new ways. Together as one, teen boys practice 24/7 community living and learn practical ways to relate, communicate and work for a positive, exciting future.

Serving the Community and Participating in the Local Economy

While at the ranch, the older boys sometimes have opportunities to work in the local economy, exercising their new vocational education skills and earning money to help them on their way once they leave the ranch. The ranch itself provides some industries for the boys, such as cattle and hay operations, pedigree dog breeding, and farming, to name just a few. The boys gain marketable skills and a real sense of accomplishment from these endeavors, and perhaps some earnings, which are set aside for them for their new life after graduation.

As you look for the best boarding school option for your son today, please consider what Master’s Ranch Christian Academy has to offer every student that enrolls. We offer students a safe campus, diverse community living, individualized academics and vocational training, and life skills for future success as independent, thriving adults. Accountability. Service. Purpose-driven life choices that reap positive futures… your son can find it all here.

Find Out More About Our Vocational Education Programvocational education

When searching for vocational education for troubled boys, Master’s Ranch, features experienced vocational training, first-class academics with a Christian worldview, and adventurous wilderness activities. Troubled teen boys benefit from our vocational education and mentoring, designed to better transition them into adulthood. Call now to find help for your struggling teen boy, (417) 938-4711 .