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Troubled Boys

Consider Master’s Ranch Christian Academy for Troubled Boys

Master’s Ranch may be exactly the place you’re looking for if your son is getting in trouble and has gotten off track in life.

Troubled Boys
Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a troubled boys school. Our boys ranch is in rural Missouri. We would love the opportunity to tell you about our program.

If your son has been getting into trouble, he could use someone to confide in who will listen to him and guide him without judgment. We provide therapy throughout the week, both one-on-one and also in a group setting. Throughout each boy’s stay, we engage them constantly as a friend they can talk to freely, making therapy non-threatening and ongoing in a more natural environment. We maintain a watchful eye, especially in the early days, but we do so while surrounding them with loving care and encouraging them toward a personal relationship with God. We are set up like a family, caring for these boys through their struggles and going through the days alongside them, coaching and training them.

Master’s Ranch was Founded to Give Troubled Boys a New Start in Life!

Troubled Boys

Master’s Ranch is a home away from home for adolescent troubled boys who need proper direction to change the course of their lives. Parents enroll their boys, age 12-17, to Master’s Ranch after seeing them begin to get in trouble and headed on a downward spiral which cannot be stopped by counseling alone.

Troubled boys come to our boarding school to live in a disciplined environment, learning respect for authority and personal responsibility through a renewed focus on faith, caring for themselves and their future, and through caring for the animals on our ranch. We view education as a privilege, and we teach boys to view it in the same way. Troubled boys spend a great deal of their weekends and free time outdoors, playing sports, and just learning how to have good clean fun again.

Physical Training in our Troubled Teen Boarding Schoolboarding schools in MissouriTroubled Boys

We start with physical exercise with the goal of bringing boys up to a standard level of fitness. They develop muscle, their self-esteem improves, and they gain a positive achievement as they begin to see progress in their fitness goals. Those achievements carry over into other areas. In work projects and vocational skills and even in school, their achievements develop confidence so that boys are built up.

Helping Troubled Boys Learn New Boundaries

Master’s Ranch goes beyond traditional boarding schools in that it helps troubled boys to mentally understand the results of bad actions. Their thinking clears and their inappropriate behavior is replaced with character and integrity. At Master’s Ranch, we give boys every opportunity to be successful.

Academic Training for Teens

We have excellent teachers on staff who offer instruction and one-on-one tutoring assistance to the students. At our boarding school for troubled boys, we accommodate both ends of the academic spectrum. The flexible curriculum allows students who may be having difficulty with certain courses to master them and catch up. Advanced coursework and college-prep programs are scheduled for those who succeed academically and desire to get ahead.

Our boarding academy operates year-round, to keep students engaged and to give them the chance to catch up or retake courses and improve their grade point average. During normal summer break we run a partial academic schedule to allow time for projects, sports and recreation.

Troubled Boys Learn from Vocational TrainingTroubled Boys

After the boys are at the ranch for a time, they have a chance for vocational experience in select businesses nearby. It allows them to exercise their new coping skills and to earn money to help them once they leave the ranch. Every dollar they earn is put into an account that they take home with them when they go home. The ranch itself also provides some vocational opportunities for the young men to learn from, including handling the cattle, construction, pedigree dog breeding, and farming. The boys gain marketable skills and self-confidence from these endeavors.

At Master’s Ranch Spiritual Training Leads to Improved Behaviors in Troubled Boys

Residents participate in regular devotions and weekly church services, so they have the chance to ask questions about God and discover a relationship with Jesus. We give pastoral counseling and ongoing mentorship and spiritual direction.

The Master’s Ranch Teen Boarding School  for Troubled Boys Sends Young Men Out Ready for the Future

Young men who graduate the Master’s Ranch program may return home to finish high school and reunite with their parents, or they may continue on to university, further trades training, the workforce, or the military. Master’s Ranch graduates are well prepared for productive lives.

Please look through our website and call us today at (417) 938-4711. Our troubled boys teen boarding school admissions director is waiting to personally listen to your boy’s history and talk about how we can help.

We’re pleased that you are learning more about the Master’s Ranch troubled boys school.