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Therapeutic Boarding Ranch for Boys in Missouri

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Life on a Master’s Ranch Christian Academy
Therapeutic Boarding Ranch for Boys

Here at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, we operate as much as possible like a family, rather than an institution. We have one major advantage over the average American family, and that is on our boy’s ranch we can focus ALL our attention on your child because that is what you have asked us to do. A normal family is stretched so thin today with extra jobs, activities, responsibilities, and other pressing family duties. And troubled teens require so much more time, energy, and effort. So much of what we try to do is what do as a parent; to just walk through the hours, days, weeks, and months of life with the kids, using every moment as an opportunity for learning. We strive to present everything we do with a positive attitude that will benefit your child. With this in mind, we structure our program around many different areas.

For families researching therapeutic boarding ranches for boys, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy (located in Southern Missouri), is a good choice to help get a rebellious boy back on track and motivated about his future again.

If your teen boy is defiant, disobedient, or struggling with anger, Master’s Ranch may be better suited to helping him than other boys ranches in the U.S.

With almost three decades of experience, the staff here at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is very familiar with the difficulties and struggles that so often face parents of disobedient boys. This therapeutic boys ranch is eager to get to know you and your son better in order to help restore the family relationship, just as we have helped many other families just like yours.

boys ranchMost parents contact us because their boy is defiant, angry, or has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Or, perhaps his grades are falling or he lacks discipline. Master’s Ranch therapeutic boarding ranch addresses and corrects these problems, and more, by building self-esteem, faith, respect, discipline, and a work ethic. At this therapeutic boarding ranch for boys, the staff keeps struggling boys away from distractions that keep them stuck in the problem and focus on nothing but the solution.

What sets Master’s Ranch apart from other therapeutic boarding ranches for boys in the U.S.

What makes us different from many other boys ranches in the U.S.? Master’s Ranch has an emphasis upon creating a family-style atmosphere which we have seen is most conducive to creating changes in the boys’ attitudes and behaviors. The struggling boys will come to view it as a second home where powerful transformation can occur through hard work and discipline. With this philosophy, Master’s Ranch becomes a home for boys who may currently be missing their own. Upon this cornerstone, we have found that boys will straighten out mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our professionally trained therapists work with the boys in both group and one-on-one settings, often in outdoor environments. The relaxed atmosphere is most likely to encourage the openness and honesty required for the work. Along with these more traditional therapy sessions, the boys will learn the therapeutic value of working on a ranch and caring for animals as a way to handle their anger or anxiety.

At Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, troubled boys are given the opportunity to become young men with skills and assets that make them valuable additions to society, able to live on their own.

The work they do on this therapeutic ranch for boys is where the vocational aspect of Master’s Ranch begins. This is just the start, however. The boys don’t only learn husbandry and ranch work, but also work with general contractors in a wide variety of disciplines. Master’s Ranch is committed to not only taking care of the struggles the boys arrived with but also building up young men armed with vital tools to be successful upon their return to their families and the workforce.

The troubled boys who come to Master’s Ranch therapeutic boarding ranch and complete the curriculum will leave here as young men of character, prepared for the challenges of the world with morals, a strong work ethic, and a faith that will allow them to be successful just as God intended. Many struggling boys need an opportunity to rearrange their priorities in a setting like the one provided at Master’s Ranch therapeutic boarding ranch for boys, dedicated entirely to their well-being.
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This therapeutic boarding ranch for boys in southern Missouri may, for a variety of reasons, be better-suited for your son. We invite parents to look through our website and call us today at (417) 938-4711 to find out more. Our therapeutic boarding school admissions director is ready to personally listen to your family’s situation and discuss how we can help.