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Troubled Teens Boarding School

Searching for an Affordable Christian Boarding School for a Troubled or Misbehaving Boy?

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy could be just the place you’re looking for if he’s been getting off track in life.

troubled teens boarding school

Here at the Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, we understand the difficulty of parenting a troubled or defiant son. Permit us to encourage you that healing for your teen is close at hand. We are a Christian troubled teens boarding school for boys all over the country. We would love the chance to listen to your story and offer our assistance.

Families Choose Master’s Ranch for Their Boy Who Needs a New Start in Life

Our troubled teens boarding school is a second home for teenage boys who need proper direction to change the course of their lives. The therapeutic program makes much of the value of work, demonstrated through agricultural work, assigned chores in the kitchen and dorms, and an extensive vocational program. Boys live in a structured environment, learning obedience and personal responsibility. We value education as a privilege, and we teach boys to think about it the same way.

troubled teens boarding schoolWe begin with physical exercise with the goal of bringing boys up to a minimum level of fitness. They build strength, they have a reason to feel good about about themselves, and they gain something positive as they begin to see progress in their fitness goals. Those achievements carry over into other areas. In work projects and vocational skills and even in academics, their achievements develop confidence so that boys are built up. Meanwhile, we help boys come to terms with the ramifications of their past choices. Their thinking clears and their destructive behavior turns into character and integrity. At Master’s Ranch, we give boys every opportunity to be successful.

Our Residents Have a Home-Like Environment at Master’s Ranch

troubled teens boarding school

Adolescents in our troubled teens boarding school feel at home here. We run like a family, loving these boys unconditionally and going through the days beside them, coaching and instructing them. We offer group and individual counseling and person-to-person mentorship and spiritual guidance.

Residents participate in spiritual events, so they have the chance to ask questions about life and discover a relationship with Jesus. Many of our boys consider the directors at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, as their second parents and many come back to help or to spend time with us. We enjoy ourselves on the ranch, too. Residents spend a great deal of their weekends and free time camping, playing sports, and generally learning how to enjoy wholesome fun again.

Our Christian Boarding School for At Risk and Troubled Boys Sends Young Men Out Ready for the Future

troubled teens boarding schoolBoys who complete the Master’s Ranch program may return home to complete school and reunite with their parents, or they may go on to college, vocational education, employment, or the military. Master’s Ranch graduates are well prepared for productive lives.

Would you consider allowing us to care for your teen?

We have ministered to teenagers like yours for a number of years, often caring for troubled youth out of our own home. A phone call to us is a positive first step toward restoration for your family. We will fight hard for you and your son.

We invite you to read our website and call us today at (417) 938-4711 . Our troubled teens boarding school admissions director is waiting to personally listen to your story and discuss how we can help.

Thank you for discovering more about Master’s Ranch Christian Academy and troubled teens boarding school.