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Help For Boys With Manic Depression

Helping Teens With Manic Depression

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Our Missouri boarding school works with your son to find the root of their depression and find successful ways to overcome it.

Manic Depression, more commonly referred to as Bipolar Disorder is characterized by periods of abnormally high mood and energy level followed by periods of abnormally low mood and energy level.  The elevated periods are clinically referred to as manic, while the low periods are referred to as depressive.  

Those suffering from Manic Depression may have periods of normal mood levels in between; others quickly alternate between mania and depression.  This condition is described as rapid cycling.  The manic phase is frequently characterized by heightened energy levels and decreased need for sleep.  Additional symptoms include impaired judgment, spending sprees, risky behavior, and low attention span.  The depressive phase is often manifest with anxiety, guilt, isolation, anger, disturbed sleep, fatigue, loneliness, and in some cases suicidal thoughts or actions.

How to Treat Manic Depression

Manic Depression is typically treated with a combination of medication and psychotherapy.  Because of the self-threatening nature of many of the behaviors associated with both the “highs” and “lows“ of the mood cycle, it may be necessary for commitment, either voluntary or involuntary, for treatment to proceed.  The suicide rate for manic depression sufferers is a major concern.  As many as one-third said they attempted suicide or were identified as having committed suicide.  This places the incidence at more than ten times the general population.

Often Manic Depression appears in childhood or early adolescence, but because of the wide range of symptoms, parents can easily miss or misdiagnose it.  Between one-third and one-half of adults who are manic-depressive report traumatic childhood events or abuse. Those who did suffer from it report more serious and frequent symptoms.  Parents noticing fluctuating symptoms should seek professional help in determining and diagnosing the cause of the problems.  Early treatment of manic depressive issues is critical, particularly given the already elevated incidence of teenage suicide attempts. 

missouri boarding schools
Master’s Ranch Christian Academy Helps Your Son Overcome Manic Depression

Our Missouri boarding school operates as much as possible like a family, rather than an institution. We have one major advantage over the average American family, and that is on our boys’ ranch we can focus ALL our attention on your child because that is what you have asked us to do. A normal family is stretched so thin today with extra jobs, activities, responsibilities, and other pressing family duties.

Troubled teens require so much time, energy, and effort. So much of what we try to do is what you do as a parent: walking through the hours, days, weeks, and months of life with the kids, using every moment as an opportunity for learning. Master’s Ranch strives to present everything we do with a positive attitude that will benefit your child. If your son is struggling with any kind of life-controlling issues, contact us today. 417-938-4711