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Help For Boys Who Run Away From Home

Helping Boys Who Run Away From Home

Teens that run away from home may have different reasons depending on the situation.

schools for troubled kidsIt is important to understand the thought process behind the adolescent’s behavior in order to understand and help the struggling teenager. The adolescent may leave because they feel they have no other choice, or their parent doesn’t understand. The teen most often does not realize the consequence of their actions by running away. They do not realize what is in store for them once they leave the safety of their home. Runaways are frequently dealing with another dual diagnosis issues which may aid in their desire to leave their home so they can deal with the situation differently.

Teens who run away face new difficulties when they are on the streets because they have no legitimate way to support themselves. Runaways may have to resort to stealing just to have the basic necessity of food. Teens who run away also have to deal with not having a place to sleep regularly and often resort to behaviors that they would not typically engage in to support themselves.

There are not always clear signs that the teen may be about to run off, it is important to work on the relationship that you have with the young person. If you notice signs that your relationship with the teenager is changing or the teen is suddenly acting out then those may be good signs that the young person may be more inclined to run away. As a parent of a teen, it is important to recognize that at times you may not be able to help your teen but it is important to seek out the help they need if you are not able to provide it.

Our School for Troubled Kids Can Help Teen Boys And Their Life-Controlling Issues

At Master’s Ranch, your child will live in a structured and disciplined environment. Teens will learn to obey rules without argument. They will learn about delayed gratification and will be away from the harmful influences so readily available in real life, tobacco, worldly music, violent or immoral movies, inappropriate physical contact with boys or girls, the internet, cell phones, etc. They will have to listen to calm words of instruction, not tones of anger. In a few months’ time, your child will seem like a new person. But beware: this is just the basic training phase. It is easier to conform to our environment than to retain good behavior. What we encourage is the patience to wait on the slower process of the development of good character. This is when they begin to do right, from the heart because they see the value for themselves.

Our boys’ ranch is not perfect. We are not their natural parents. But we will provide a sound alternative to a very imperfect situation. We hope to send your child home ready to start over with you. Can I be honest with you? It doesn’t always work. Though we can claim some of the best statistics of any child intervention ministry in America, your child still possesses a free will that God Himself won’t violate. But you and I had our kids knowing there was no money-back guarantee tagged to their toes when they came out. But we love them and give them our best anyway and ultimately are obliged to leave the results to them.

We will give you our best effort. God will always support you when you do the right things. Your child will have another chance to make a life for himself. What more can any of us do? I believe you will sleep at night after that, no matter what decision he makes. And please, lay your guilt and self-recriminations aside; your child has been doing the choosing for some time now. Masters Ranch may be the last choice you get to make for your kid. If you are motivated by love and right, it is a great choice. I promise you this; only you will love your child more than we will.

“You have to fight harder to save your child’s life than they are willing to fight to throw it away.”

schools for troubled kids