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Healthier Habits For Teen Boys


Life Would Be Better Without Harmful Habits

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A well-missioned life full of happiness and excitement gets completely changed when dependences enters. dependence is a social scar that is hard to erase. We can not deny its harmful repercussions on life and on a family. An dependence-free life is a choice and so an dependence life is. Usually, when a person has no control over themselves, they crave more harmful habits. This is when dependences is highly dreadful. With a lot of awareness programs and advertisements we all are being informed about the harmfulness of dependence, but talking about a permanent root out has always been a debatable matter.

Excessive drinking, chain-smoking, unhindered porn watching, video gaming are some activities that people feel amused to adopt in their lives. When a limited indulgence is liberating, overindulgence may make the person weaker and unhealthy.

The Catalytic Reasons Behind Harmful Habits

Not everyone is ignorant, a lot of people understand the fact that life-controlling issue is not at all a welcoming habit, but they hardly can control themselves to stay away from their dependencies. When a habit starts as a one-day enjoyment, it starts to become an uncontrollable life-controlling issue. Seeking expert advice is the only option left.

Here are a few reasons mentioned that motivates a non-dependent to become an dependence:

  • Facing mental illness: Mental sickness is no more a big terminology in contemporary situations.
  • Exam worries, career tension, family problems, breakup sadness, traumatic history, etc. These are all factors that make a teen stressed, depressed, and mentally unfit. In such a situation, dependence is the easiest way to escape, which is incorrect. We need to train our kids to face the hustles of life rather than running away from them.
  • Surrounding matters a lot: You must keep an eye on your teens’ surroundings too. As teenagers are at the age to learn a lot of new things. Parents should take the time to make sure they stay in good companies. Having good company leads to good habits, not bad habits. 

Our Therapeutic Christian Boarding School Approach

therapeutic christian boarding schoolsMaster’s Ranch provides the setting for the transformation that happens in boys at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. Boys live on a working farm and learn responsibility by caring for cattle, pigs, and dogs. We give special attention to using animals in anger management and for healing problems with emotional attachment.

The boarding school program is heavily vocational. The boys learn from general contractors in wood, metal, cement, plumbing, welding, culinary arts, and electrical construction. Often, our boys get the opportunity to put their skills to work in the local economy and earn money. Read More Here

While attending Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, boys will also get their hunter’s safety permit and driver’s license after completing driver education. Master’s Ranch Christian Academy uses a military-style of organization and discipline. The boys navigate a rank structure through which they gradually earn elevated trust, responsibility, authority, and privilege. Breaking the rules leads to losing benefits.

Master’s Ranch builds up confidence and thoughtfulness in troubled teen boys. This allows them to successfully return to home life, college, vocational training, the military, or employment. We firmly push them toward a vocation or to move toward more training once they leave Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, which gives them the reason to keep a straight head and their eye on the target for their future, so they don’t fall back into old ways of thinking and acting. We work under the simple philosophy of giving the kids something they don’t want to lose. Whether that be the hope for an exciting future, a trade they love, or a fresh new start in life. Boys leave here with a new purpose and desire to be responsible men of God.

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We look forward to talking to you about how we can help you, your son, and your whole family. Our heart’s desire goes beyond just impacting your son but the restoration of the entire family.