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Encourage Sobriety in Your Home

Helping Your Son By Encouraging Sobriety in Your Home

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Teens who use drugs now have a high chance of developing addictions later. Many factors can lead teens to drug use. Some of these are peer pressure, curiosity, and emotional distress. Sometimes strong parental guidance can prevent your teen from experimenting with harmful substances.

What are some ways to help your teen?

Set Up Boundaries

Setting rules and boundaries for your teen help them know what behavior you condone. Make it apparent that you do not tolerate underage drinking and drug use. While living in your house, let them learn that they should follow your rules. It might sound harsh, but you must clarify your beliefs and expectations.

Open Communication is Necessary

Without open communication, your rules and regulations are ineffective. Rebellious teens are often the product of their parents being too strict. Create an environment where your son or daughter feels comfortable talking to you, including their interactions with drugs and alcohol. When your teen tells you about a party with alcohol present or if they hung out with friends who drank, do not lash out in anger. Anger from the parents discourages the teen from communicating in the future. Instead, show understanding and have active conversations that will encourage good behavior. Trust between parents and teens helps turn them away from drugs and alcohol.

Lead By Example

boys homes in Missouri
To encourage your teens to live an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, you must live one yourself. This is difficult for many parents to do. Keep alcohol out of your home. Show your children what it means to live a healthy life.

Allow Sober Socializing

Teens watch shows where drinking and partying are a sense of fun and excitement. This typically leads teens down a destructive path. Have your teens invite friends over to your house for get-togethers, sleepovers, and movie nights, and take them on fun excursions like trips to the mall or the movies. Showing your teen how to have a healthy social life helps them less likely to turn to drugs and alcohol for fun.

Our Boys Home in Missouri Teaches Teens How to Enjoy Good, Clean Manly Fun

The boys at our boys homes in Missouri frequently go offsite for camping, fishing, and hunting. Some of the boys participate in football, track, and basketball with the local schools in our area. Those with musical interests play instruments, take lessons, or sing in a choir. The Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a place of healing and hope. We have seen hundreds of at-risk and struggling teens transformed into hard-working, respectable young adults. We help restore boys to their families; healthy, confident, and spiritually and academically on track.