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Boys Ranches Can Help Troubled Boys

christian boys ranch

As your son transitions from being carefree to the sometimes turbulent teen years, you may notice significant changes in his personality and behavior. No matter how carefully you raised him, he will begin making his own decisions, and you aren’t going to agree that all of them are the best choices for him. He may fall in with the wrong crowd, start experimenting with life-controlling issues or exhibit rebellious or withdrawn behavior at home or school. The hardest part is that when this happens, he often doesn’t want your help, and he might directly rebel against what you are trying to accomplish. When your son needs to change his life, boys ranches are available to help him reset and rediscover who he is, in a safe, nurturing, and disciplined setting. 

Christian Boys Ranch Help Build Skills and Character

Children and teenagers today are, on average, much less active than boys that age used to be. Technology has provided so many fun and easy ways for boys to entertain themselves that they are less likely to turn to the outdoors and physical activity as their primary hobbies or sources of entertainment. That’s why boys ranches are so successful at helping boys get out of their harmful ruts and patterns and develop new skills and helpful character traits.  First and foremost, they will be physically engaged boys by working with their hands and doing manual labor at a ranch. Countless studies have shown that vigorous physical exercise improves mental health by boosting serotonin and endorphin levels, making boys feel better immediately. Physical exercise also promotes increased energy, which can help boys feel motivated to engage in other activities and invest in meaningful relationships. These will all be critical to promoting the overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. Working on a boys ranch also helps teens develop a drive and work ethic, which may not have pushed them to do at home or school. Because there are so many jobs that must complete every day at boys ranches, the teens quickly learn to work hard and focus on the tasks that need to be completed. They are met with success daily, which rewards their hard work and helps boys internalize their newly discovered work ethic. When they take this task-oriented perspective home, boys will have increased success in school, at home, and later in life as they start a career. 

Boys help discover and embrace new interests while living and working at the ranch. They are exposed to many focus areas, including caring for animals, working with machinery, growing vegetables, and helping with other tasks. Each of these activities at boys ranches can help introduce boys to new hobbies they can take back home to maintain continuity and resume their journey of rediscovering who they are and what they care about. 

Other Notable Features of Christian Boys Ranch

Christian Boys Ranch
You will find many different types of Christian boys ranches across the country near and far from your home. Each has its own history and a carefully crafted approach to helping boys get back on track. Despite their differences, most boys ranches share several characteristics that can make you confident that they will be helpful to your son. A fully residential program gets boys out of the settings in which they were having problems and gives them a fresh start in a new place with new people. Boys often get stuck in ruts as they hang out with friends who are bad influences, are in schools where teachers are not respected or are set on rebelling against their family. When they go to live at a ranch, boys are suddenly taken into a completely new setting where they don’t have any harmful habits or biases for or against specific people. This change in environment can be surprisingly helpful for catalyzing a difference in your son’s personality and behavior. 

Boys ranches work hard to create a nurturing environment by gathering talented mentors, teachers, coaches, and other staff members who all work together to support boys and transform their lives. When the people who see your son at different times of the day are all on the same page and working together, they can bring a consistent approach and communicate with one another to help your son reach his full potential. 

While boys live on a ranch, they are taken into an entirely different classroom setting, often with students of a broader age range. Because of this, most boys ranches implement a form of place-based education that allows students of many ages to thrive in the classroom and work through the material at their own pace. Often, this freedom will enable boys to catch up when they may have gotten behind at home. Plus, older boys benefit from helping younger ones, and the younger ones benefit from having more senior role models in the classroom. 

Consider Our Christian Boys Ranch in Missouri

Christian boys ranch

As you search for boys ranch near me, boarding schools near me, Christian boys ranch, or Christian academy for boys. Consider Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. At Master’s Ranch, your child will live in a structured and disciplined environment. Teens will learn to obey rules without argument. They will learn about delayed gratification and be away from the readily available harmful influences in real life, life-controlling issues, worldly music, violent or immoral movies, inappropriate physical contact with boys or girls, the internet, cell phones, etc. They will have to listen to calm words of instruction, not tones of anger. Your child will seem like a new person in a few months. But beware: this is just the basic training phase. It is easier to conform to our environment than to retain good behavior. What we encourage is the patience to wait on the slower process of the development of good character. This is when they begin to do right, from the heart, because they see the value for themselves.

Our Christian boys ranch is not perfect. Our staff is not their natural parents. But we will provide a sound alternative to a bad situation. We hope to send your child home ready to start over with you. Can I be honest with you? It doesn’t always work. Though we can claim some of the best statistics of any child intervention ministry in America, your child still possesses free will that God Himself won’t violate. But you and I had our kids knowing there was no money-back guarantee tagged to their toes when they came out. But we love them, give them our best anyway, and ultimately are obliged to leave the results to them.

We will give you our best effort. God will always support you when you do the right things. Your child will have another chance to make a life for himself. What more can any of us do? I believe you will sleep at night after that, no matter what decision he makes. And please, lay your guilt and self-recriminations aside; your child has been doing the choosing for some time now. Masters Ranch may be the last choice you get to make for your kid. It is an excellent choice if you are motivated by love and right. Call our admissions team today. (417) 938-4711