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Christian Boys Home

Christian Boys Home in Missouri

Restoring Lives and Building Life Skills through Family-Style
Ranch Life and Academics in a Home-Like Setting

A Therapeutic Boarding School Program for Troubled Boys

Christian boys home

At our Christian boys home, we are dedicated to the restoration and healing of families and their boys. Our christian boys home in Missouri helps troubled boys. While our program is highly disciplined, we use a family-style approach with a strong emphasis on work and responsibility. Our administrators have cared for troubled children for 30 years. 

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy offers experienced group and individual counseling. We use an informal approach to counseling, often with the outdoors as the setting, since teenage boys who are active will open up and share more readily. While the boys are with us, we also work with parents to bring ideas to the home environment as well.

Master’s Ranch is decidedly Christian, with morning devotions, counseling, and weekly church services. The staff love the boys like their own, and they earn the teens’ love and trust in return.

We work best with boys with anger and related behavioral issues.  Most of the boys in our care are those diagnosed with RAD, ADD, ADHD, or are self-destructive.  Over half of the boys we work with were adopted — referred here for our help and care from adoptive parents. We also work with boys who go in trouble with the law but clearly have a good heart and just need a new start and direction in life.  For the safety of the staff and other boys, we do not accept violent offenders, arsons, sexual offenders, suicidal boys, or boys with severe psychological issues requiring regular psychiatric care.

Christian boys homeRanch life provides the setting for the transformation that happens in boys at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. Boys live on a working farm and learn responsibility by caring for horses, cattle, pigs, and dogs. We give special attention to using animals in anger management and for healing problems with emotional attachment.

The christian boys home is heavily vocational in nature. The boys learn from general contractors in wood, metal, cement, plumbing, welding, culinary arts and electrical construction. After a time in the program, our boys get the opportunity to put their skills to work in the local economy and earn money for themselves for doing so.

While attending Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, boys will also get their hunter’s safety permit and their driver’s permit or license after completing driver education. 

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy uses a military style of organization and discipline, in that the boys navigate a rank structure through which they gradually earn elevated levels of trust, responsibility, authority, and privilege.  Breaking the rules leads to losing privileges. Master’s Ranch boys are built up in their confidence and thoughtfulness, allowing them to successfully return to home life, college, vocational training, the military, or employment. We strongly push them toward a vocation or to move toward more training once they leave Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, which gives them the reason to keep a straight head and their eye on the target for their future, so they don’t fall back into old ways of thinking and acting.

We work under the simple philosophy of giving the kids something they don’t want to lose. Whether that be the hope for an exciting future, a trade that they love, or a fresh new start in life, boys leave here with a new purpose and desire to be responsible men of God.

Our Christian boys home educates boys on site with a computer-based nationally accredited curriculum. Most students will complete much of their elective requirements for high school during their stay at Master’s Ranch, even if they have fallen behind at home. Master’s Ranch also offers GED preparation classes as well as ACT and SAT prep.

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy teaches kids how to enjoy good, clean manly fun. The boys at Master’s Ranch frequently go offsite for camping, fishing, and hunting. Some of the boys participate in football, track, and basketball with the local schools in our area. Those with musical interest play instruments, take lessons, or sing in a choir.

The Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a place of healing and hope. We have seen hundreds of at-risk and struggling teens transformed into hard-working, respectable young adults. We help restore boys to their families; healthy, confident and spiritually and academically on track.