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Master’s Ranch Academics

Accredited Christian Education Prepares Students for Employment or College

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Providing excellent educational opportunities for our students on-site with a nationally accredited curriculum.

Through Master’s Ranch and Acellus Academy, used by thousands of schools across the nation, our students are provided with exceptional educational opportunities. Core academic credits will be through Acellus and Elective/Vocational credits will be through Master’s Ranch Christian Academy.

  • Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is Registered as a non-public School with the Missouri Department of Education.
  • Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a candidate Member of Association of Christian Schools International (full membership is pending site visit)
  • Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a candidate for Vocational Certification to provide AWS certification in welding.

Students utilize an ABC schedule

  • “A” days are twice a week and focus on Acellus academic coursework
  • “B” days are twice a week with a focus on Elective/Vocational coursework
  • “C” days are once week students are placed in the area they need focused attention (academics or vocation).
Acellus Academy
  • Meets criteria for all Core academic courses for Junior High and High School programs.
  • Provides AP classes as options for students who want more of a challenge.
  • Accepted as credit for graduation in public schools and universities.
AP Course Approval – College Board

Acellus Academy Advanced Placement (AP) courses have been audited and approved by the College Board. For a listing of approved courses, please see the AP Course Ledger.

Approved MOCAP Provider

Acellus Academy has been approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an online course provider for the Missouri Course Access Program.

Recent studies indicate that teens:

  • Have different learning styles and learn at different rates
  • Were created with varying talents and academic potential
  • Must master specific development skills
  • Learn best through a focus/mastery learning approach
  • Increase mastery and retention through repetition and review

Differ greatly in their abilities to learn through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic/tactile stimuli. Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, through Acellus Academy, uses distinctive, individualized, multi-media software from grades 3-12 that specifically addresses their learning style.

Since children learn with varying learning styles at different rates, Acellus Academy provides placement assessments and designs a personalized educational plan for your child. Diagnostic testing reveals the developmental skill levels attained. Specific skills are prerequisite to the “learning to read,” such as sequencing, left-right coordination, color and shape recognition, and auditory and visual discrimination.

Children process information differently in varying stages of physical and cognitive development. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, and logical thinking to better prepare the students for college and success in life. Children gain mastery and understanding of academic concepts through different modalities. Some children are strong visual learners, but others learn best through auditory processing. Others are hands-on/tactile learners. Acellus Academy provides a curriculum that best meets all learning styles.

Our Course Counselors

Master's Ranch in Missouri helps struggling teen boys succeed

Evaluate and place your student at a level that meets his or her academic deficiencies and strengths. Monitor each student’s progress and provide a support system that is unmatched.

Communicate with parents and students when they notice a student is struggling in a particular area. They may assign review work or more detailed instruction in that area to serve as reinforcement. Maintain academic report cards and accredited transcripts.

Support you through communication by phone or online assistance. Provide incentives for students by recognizing academic excellence in an Honor Roll Program. Foster school spirit through affiliation with a school with real teachers who are interested in their achievements.

Personal Instruction Leads to Success for Every Skill Level

We have qualified teachers on staff who provide instruction and one-on-one assistance to the students. Tutors are also available as needed. At Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, we accommodate both ends of the academic spectrum. The self-paced curriculum allows students who may be struggling to master the concepts and catch up. Advanced coursework and a college-prep program are available for those who excel academically and wish to get ahead. Our school operates on a year-round basis to keep students engaged and to give students the opportunity to catch up on any missed credits. During the summers we run a half-day academic schedule to allow time for projects, sports, and recreation.