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Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

What Parents and Students Have to Say
About Master’s Ranch

The good results I see from Master’s Ranch Christian Academyfar exceed anything I ever first imagined. At a time when it seems many of today’s youth are unwilling to work it’s a delight to know that Master’s Ranch teaches young individuals about the importance of hard work, honesty, and, foremost, the love of God.

Fred O’Neill
Prosecuting Attorney

We are so very thankful for you, your family, and all the staff at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. As a father of a young man that graduated from the ranch, we are forever in your debt. He has turned his life around as a DIRECT result from the love and care given at Master’s Ranch. As far as anyone saying that it is a juvenile detention center, you are very misguided, most likely from the very kids that are angry and upset at any guidance and direction. My son’s life has been changed forever for His service.

Parent of Former Student

I am a wife, mother, sister, and my favorite role has always been mother to my son. Once a troubled teen, life-controlling items, sex, and much worse.  That’s when we made the decision to take him to Master’s Ranch. Years later, my son and his wife have now come back to Masters Ranch to work there. He went to Bible College and is just beginning his own pastoral position. He loves his family; he loves his life and he loves his Lord and Savior; he is a son that any mother would be proud to call her own. Happily, and ever so Blessed by the work done in our son through Masters Ranch.

Tracy Carpenter

Our son is a bright, athletic and very social young man who during his sophomore year in high school started having difficulties. His grades dropped dramatically and his attitude was deteriorating equally fast. He had become defiant with his teachers and rebellious at home. He was developing a warped sense of entitlement and did not want to be held accountable or responsible for his actions. For the first time in years, he did not make the school basketball team due to his attitude and increasingly poor work ethic. We were at a loss as to what steps to take next and very concerned about the path he was on and where it would lead him. Through a recommendation we contacted Master’s Ranch Christian Academy (Master’s Ranch Christian Academy). After several lengthy conversations with the staff we decided Master’s Ranch Christian Academy was the right fit and best option for our son. Thanks to Master’s Ranch; our son has matured greatly. He has grown into a thoughtful, caring, responsible young man who is now setting goals for his future and has developed an invaluable sense of self-reliance, drive and discipline. His spirituality has strengthened and our family bond is stronger than ever.


The Master’s Ranch Christian Academy approach was perfect for our son. They didn’t simply “instruct” our son how to behave but rather cultivated a positive change through positive reinforcement, a strong work ethic, leadership skills through demonstration and a sense of ownership in one’s own actions and control over one’s future all the while shepherding him through this process with a caring hand and eager ear. It is easy to advertise grand ideas; but it is much more difficult to deliver on those same, grand promises.

We have seen the results of Master’s Ranch Christian Academy in our son; nothing short of a miracle. We are excited about our son’s future and forever grateful for making the tough decision to send our troubled son but in return have received a well-adjusted, aspiring young man.

Thank you, Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, and God Bless.”

Jeff and Brenda

I wanted to share my experience with Master’s Ranch Christian Academy because without them I don’t know what would have happened to my son Mitchell.

My name is Kim R., we lived in California because my husband was in the Air Force. We were the average family. I was a stay at home mom, I was able to care for my kids and get them to where they needed to be. We kept them busy with sports and always supported them in what they participated in. Mitch is the middle child, caring, funny and always looking for attention. He started swimming when he was very young. He loved the water. He swam for a club all the way through his sophomore year, he placed at almost every meet and he got to travel all over because of his talent. He even got invited to swim with Michael Phelps in Colorado. I started a business of dog walking and when I had to walk or go check on animals at night, he would always go with me to make sure I was safe. He was my buddy.

Starting his Junior year, Mitch was 16, he met a girl…she was not good for him at all. She basically took over his life, had him drop swimming, start skipping school, lying to us about where he was, stealing from us and from stores, smoking, and disrespecting adults. She had a troubled life and I think Mitch thought he could help her but instead he got dragged down. Mitch was starting to act weird at home, not himself at all. Mitchell’s younger sister was so scared of him she would lock her bedroom door at night. I tested him for non-medical medicine at home, came up positive. I talked to him, cops would bring him home for being out past curfew, staying out all night and we would not know where he was. That was the scarcest time of our life. The not knowing where your child is and what could have happened to him runs through your mind all night.

We were at our wits end. My husband worked out of town 2 weeks out of every month. He tried to be there to help me but I was basically trying to handle a 6′ and 200 pound guy. The last straw came when I had left to get our family some take out and my husband wanted to talk to Mitch, I was in drive thru, my daughter called me panicked, locked in her room because her brother and dad were fighting, physically. My husband is disabled and Mitch had always been the one to help his dad, now he was shoving him through the back glass. My husband got rushed to the ER, Mitch ran away, her family threated us because my husband tried to stop him. We called the police, they told us if we didn’t do something Mitch would end up in jail.

I checked around to see what I could do; I knew if I did not get him out of there, I would lose my son. If not to life-controlling issues to him being killed. I told my husband if he had cancer, we would do everything in our power to save him. I felt we were in the same position. We found Masters Ranch, I called, it was great to hear we were not alone. I knew we could not get Mitchell to go on his own, he was that far gone. One night in the middle of the night we had a professional come and take him to the airport, Mitch did not go quietly, he tricked the guy, asked if he could say goodbye to his dad, which crushed me, but I didn’t know at the time he knew he could push his dad down and try to run away. He got to a highway before the guy could catch up to him and tackle him in the road. Cars zooming by, finally the cops came and helped get Mitch home and into the car. This is so heartbreaking for parents, I just had to tell myself he was in God’s hands now and we have to stick with this to SAVE our son.

The first few months are the hardest, you want to run and get your son that your remembered before all the bad stuff back. Please be strong, because once they are done, I promise you will have your son back! We started getting letters, at first it was “I understand why you sent me here”, then it became, “mom & dad thank you for sending me here and saving my life” those are the best. When we went to visit Mitch at the ranch, he has so much pride and we could tell our son was back. It is so hard to leave them again, but I knew he wanted to finish. Letters came and he was so happy, which made us fill with Pride, we knew we did the right thing. We as a family decided to move back home, where we were from. His sister had the hardest decision as she was going to be a sophomore in High School and she was a high level gymnast. We all agreed it was for the best, even Mitch. Mitchell came to Cali to help us move back to Colorado and he went back to the Ranch to finish and get his GED. Since We are proud to say we have our son back, even better than before. Mitchells dad still must work in Cali because he cannot find a job in Colorado. Mitch has taken over the man of the house roll. He works 50-60 hours a week doing hard manual labor with a landscaping company. He started at $10.00 an hour and quickly moved to $15.00 an hour, getting a letter from his boss about how punctual he is and he pays attention to detail, but still gets the job done proficiently and quickly. Mitch says what her learned at the ranch has really helped him with this job. Every 2 weeks he comes home with his paycheck and hands it to me, he says he want to contribute to the family. He will start or make dinner before I get home and take care of the animals, even after such a long day at work. He does not want to do this job forever and is now looking at going to welding school, and since he was a swimmer, he would love to do underwater welding. As you can see, I am bursting with pride, writing this makes my heart swell and my eyes leak as I feel you can never pay enough to have you kid back!”

Kim R.

I do not know where we would be today had God not brought us to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff for all the tremendous love you showered upon David and our family. Every single family that ever gets the privilege of meeting you is so lucky and I can honestly say that God knew when all our struggles were happening that it would lead to the Ranch and the love of you both. Thank you so very much!

I want you to know that David is doing great~ He is so happy and a pleasure to be around. Our son is over the moon and more motivated than I have ever seen him at anything in his life. He has a goal and he thinks he can achieve it WOW! He never even cared about a future for himself before, but he cares so much now. He is confident, mature, kind, loving, helpful and a wonderful example of God at work daily. Thank you! I am at peace and I am not fearful anymore for or of David.

Linda H.

I believe God brought my son Stephan to Masters Ranch. My son had attended another facility which was far more expensive than Masters Ranch and we withdrew him because they said they could no longer help him. By the grace of God, I found Master’s Ranch. I did not know what I was going to do. I felt a peace and knew I was making the right decision to send him to Masters Ranch. My son has since turned 18 and because he felt such a family bond at Master’s Ranch, he stayed on to help. Stephan is now back home and working in construction. He is happy, considerate of other feelings and has a purpose to his life. It is a joy to have the son back that I had missed so terribly. I thank God every day that he guided me to Masters Ranch. This will be one of the hardest decisions you will ever make in your life, but can your child afford for you not to?

Stephanie C.

My son went to Masters Ranch on the 6th of January 2008. He went there unmotivated and disrespectful. I would watch him play his Xbox for hours a day while stuffing himself with pop and chips, getting more and more out of shape and angrier and angrier. When he first got there it was difficult for all of us…wondering if we had done the right thing for our son. Master’s Ranch Christian Academy was, in fact, the best thing that I have ever done for my son. He has gotten the spiritual food that he was craving, the physical fitness that he needed and has become one of the most respectful young men that I could have ever imagined he could become.  So if you are out there with a son that is crying out for help then help him!! Do it now, don’t wait!! Let the folks at Masters Ranch give you back your son.

Friday Harbor, Washington

When our son overdosed, we were at our wits end. We knew we had a problem that wasn’t going to get better. In addition, he was failing all his classes, sneaking out his bedroom window at night etc. etc. It was one thing after another. The hospital gave us some information on local programs but they were all short-term. We didn’t feel that sending our son away for three months and then letting him back in the very environment we were trying to save him from was a good idea. Luckily, through many phone calls I was given the name of  Masters Ranch. We knew right away that this was where our son needed to be. We didn’t want an “institution” where he’d be lost in a crowd, we wanted a place where he could thrive and reach his full potential. The Master’s Ranch philosophy of hard work, education and counselingboth in the spiritual nature and in real life has truly “saved” our son in all ways possible.

Santee, California

If you are even remotely considering the need to send your son away for help chances are he is even worse off than you can even imagine…I knew I only had a very short window of time to save my son. Although it was the most heartbreaking decision I have ever had to make, I know with all my heart I made a decision to save his life. I have more peace now than I have had in a long time knowing he is safe, being loved and witnessing the dynamics of a loving family. My son loves these people, he knows they love him and I can sleep at night knowing he is safer than he has been in years. Since my son left for Master’s Ranch two other boys in our community have died from life-controlling issues and another almost died. I have had so many of my son’s parent’s friends call me with words of support and acknowledgement for making such a difficult decision. My son’s friends, too, have called saying it was a wake-up call for them. If any parent would like to call me, I would be more than willing to talk.

Encinitas, California

My family had dealt with our son’s verbally-aggressive attitude, scary friends, and life controlling issues for 3 years. He was ripping our family apart. We went from counselor to counselor with no results. Finally it reached a point of me making a choice. Will I let this continue and run the risk that my husband may leave me and take my girls or will I find some way to stop his downward spiral towards jail or death. I looked at several academies and felt devastated. We could not afford most of them. I’m not quite sure how (maybe an intervention from God) Master’s Ranch appeared on my computer! After reading the web page and learning that they worked more like a large family than a cold facility and all the programs they offered at a price we could afford, I called. Since then, he finished high school. He attained Master’s Ranch Christian Academy’s highest rank!  He even went to night school for EMT and now holds a certification to work as an EMT in any state in America! I’m still in awe when I look at Neil. Only one year ago he would have never helped me with household chores, but as we do them together I can only smile and praise God for allowing the staff to completely reform my precious son! He has a path and he has told me several times how he plans to make that path his reality and become a Fire Fighter. Something a year ago would have been unheard of! Our family thanks Master’s Ranch from the bottom of our hearts for bringing our son back home to us! We couldn’t be any happier or prouder!

Diane and John Helmuth

My husband and I had to make the toughest decision of our lives 10 months ago with our son Jordan, now 17. Jordan was defiant to our rules for him. His grades were beginning to decline and his choice of friends was not good for him at all. He was sneaking out all hours of the night and basically tried to do what he wanted when he wanted. When we had to give Jordan an answer of NO to something he wanted to do, we knew we could expect a violent outburst from him. He was destroying our family and we knew that things would become worse before they got better. We searched around online and through a few recommendations and found Master’s Ranch Christian Academy in MO. We were leery as the cost as was considerably lower then most places we had spoken with, which by the way we spoke to about 20-25 facilities. But we could sense a heart of love and a desire to help troubled young men more then the money being an issue. Today, Jordan is disciplined and respectful and has a love for the Lord and today he is a different child. Our son has changed beyond what we could have hoped for. The boys at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy learn how to be a man and how to be a father and what a husband looks like. They have many animals on the ranch and they take care of them and raise them. This has been the best decision we could have ever made. We have our son back. Jordan thanks us for intervening in his life. We could not have done this at home. We would love to talk with any parent who is apprehensive and share our experience with you and help you make the right decision for your son. You too can help your son, you won’t be sorry.

Gilbert, Arizona

When I was at the end of my rope, when I was lost and looking for answers I learned about Master Ranch. I called and talked and wrote down all the information still hopeful that I would not need to use them. It took me about seven days to finally make the call to send my son to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. Once my son arrived at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, my heart no longer felt heavy. I knew that I had made the right choice. I knew that I was sending my son to a safe place where he would be in a family environment, with only his best interest at heart. When he reached his fifth month I made a visit. Of course I was nervous and excited, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. My son was amazing! He was the boy I remember him once being, but now he was a young man with morals and values, with dreams and plans. He took my breath away. I knew that I had made the right choice. The best part was he knew that I had made the right choice. Of course as a parent we love our children, and sometimes we are faced with tough almost unbearable situations. It’s our responsibility to offer our children a chance at the best life they can live. I am very thankful to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy for what they have given my son and my family. Because of the love and lessons they have provided, my son now believes that he can succeed in life and has seen what the world has to offer, better yet what he can offer the world. If you are still worried about sending your son to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, don’t be. I’ve been to the ranch, I’ve seen how the boys are treated and you have nothing to worry about. This is a family, not an institution. Sometimes the hardest part of being a parent is finding the strength to save their life.


I grew up in Pensacola Florida, and was sent to stay at Master’s Ranch in late 2014 by my parents. Having already been in another program, I admit I was bitter and worse than I had been before.

I was astonished at Master’s Ranch; it was more than a program, it was a family, and I’ll never regret being there. Of course, nobody will ever change unless they want to, but for someone who wants to, there is NO better place for them. I’ve been away from the ranch for a year and it’s still changing my life.

Jason H.

Words cannot describe the thankfulness I have for all that you have done for me in my life. I am only alive today and not in prison because of you. Had Master’s Ranch and Christian Academy not been started, I would have gone through with the hit job in Texas that morning and I would be in prison, but instead I am in Bible college serving God. When I had arrived at the ranch I did not want to be there, but now I am so thankful I had been sent to you. You gave me a chance to change, you gave me my life back before it was officially too late.

When I came to the ranch I was nothing more than a thug who wanted out of the lifestyle of being a gangster. I had nothing to live for; I hated myself, life, authority and ignored the existence of God. My entire life I looked for ways to hurt myself and others around me, through non-medical medicine, violence, anarchy, tattoos, whatever I could do I did because I was angry but most of all I was lost. Thank you for starting the ranch. I got saved three days after arriving on father’s day. I truly felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders, the feeling of being set free overwhelmed me like no issue had ever done. Salvation was the greatest feeling I have ever known. I will never forget that day when I was saved, and it’s all because of you doing the Lord’s will. You have been more than a pastor to me, you have been a father figure as well since I didn’t have a dad growing up. You taught me how to work hard and honest, and today I hold a very good job because of it. Watching you live your life in front of us every day was such an example to me on how to be a good man. I always waited for you to curse or do something wrong, but you never did; instead you sang psalms and preached about everything we saw. I am truly thankful for the difference you made in my life. There is no way I could be married today if it were not for you teaching us how to respect woman. I have such a great life; you restored everything I have today and all that I live for. I love you so much. I thank God all the time that he had let me go to the ranch. I took serious notes all the time when you would preach and then when nobody was around I would preach by myself everything I wrote down so I could be as good as you. I wasn’t always happy about how I got disciplined at first, but it taught me a lot and I learned from my mistakes. I still have my first new testament you gave me and the note you wrote to me in it. You are my best friend indeed and my pastor. It was such a great privilege for you to be a part of my wedding. Nobody ever thought that day would come, but you taught me so much on how to live right and to stand for God, as a result of that I have a blessed life. The biggest thing I will always remember hearing from you is that, character isn’t how hard you fall, but about how you get back up; and do right until the stars fall. My life has come so far from where I used to be. Thank you pastor for saving my life, I love you.


I was sent to the Masters Ranch because I was getting into life-controlling issues pretty heavily. I started out my rebellion by not coming home on time. I wanted to “hang out” with my friends and that became more important to me than listening to my parents. If my mom would not have made the difficult decision to send me here I am positive I would have wrecked my brain to the point of being mentally insane. Once I came to Masters Ranch I started to hear a lot of bible. I did not at first believe all of it. I thought I had established my own spiritual beliefs but soon the Word of God was revealed to me as the truth. I soon trusted Christ as my Saviour and gained assurance of my salvation. I have really been making an effort to forget my past and make a new life. Masters Ranch is helping me do that. This program has helped me get my G.E.D., taught me to work and be responsible.

Santee, CA

I was lost! I mean everything from gangs, gang violence, women, stealing, pornography, and more. I was also in another program where I was accused of being manipulative behind staffs back and they kicked me out. I was then sent to the Masters Ranch. Our first church service in Couch on September 9,2007 I got saved! The Lord has been working on me every since. I am thankful that Master’s Ranch led me to the Lord. I graduate the end of December and I am staying on as staff. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me!


I was sent away from home and my loving family in the beginning of July for doing things that would not be Godly. We started attending a christian church when I was 2 yrs old on a regular basis when my dad left my mom and his family. I have not seen him since. I played the whole church game until I was 16. I was just attending church because my parents wanted me to go.I always had a problem with authority and people telling me what to do or how to do something. In June of 2007 I became convicted of my sins and asked the Lord to come in to my life. The devil continued to tempt me with friends from school and partying with the boys I played football with. I never tried things that would mess up my brain. I got into life-controlling items when I was out partying with the people who I thought were my friends. Then I was sent to the Masters Ranch which really helped me out and got me away from the things that were bringing me down. I Praise the Lord for this!

Gilbert, AZ

I am not proud of where I was or what I was doing when I came to Masters Ranch. I made a mess of my life. My mom is the nicest mom in the whole world but i messed up everything by doing these things. My mom sent me to the Masters Ranch and I was saved November 11,2007. The ranch has helped me so much. Thank you Masters Ranch.

Oceanside, CA

I am a student at the Masters Ranch. My life has been changed since coming to this ranch. I used to be a thief and a really bad liar. I came here in August of 2007. They gave me a physical fitness test to see what shape I am in. This is the best place to put your son, not only will he will learn new things but he will become a Christian and get saved.

New York City

I moved around quite a bit because of my mom’s job. I also grew up without a dad and I think that might have had something to do with the trouble I got into. I was always mature for my age and hung out with people 3 or more years older. that is where I learned most of my bad habits. I used to be sponsored for riding dirt bikes and got money but I wouldn’t use the money for good things. My friends and I used to go do risky habits just to help out the fun at parties or just for ourselves. Sex, violence, dependences and bad music pretty much sums up my life. My mom became concerned for me and sent me to a boarding school. I love my mom to death and I am so happy she sent me here. It has cleared my head and is a fresh start for me. I have accepted Christ as my personal savior and it has made me a new person. I don’t want to go back to my old ways or friends. I can praise Masters Ranch forever because all I can say is it has saved my life.

San Diego, CA

Before I came here I was an emotional individual. I slit my wrists and did unhealthy habits and just hated life altogether. Since I’ve been here I’ve been taught obedience and been led to the Lord. I am grateful to have been sent here.

15 yrs old – Ft. Worth, Texas

I was 11 yrs old when my dad and I went grocery shopping. That night my dad was tragically beaten to death and laid beside me in my bed while I was sleeping. I woke up and found him like that. Then my life went down with life-controlling issues at 13 and up. Then I got sent here and got my life on track with my relationship with my mom.

15 yrs old – Morgantown, West Virginia

When I got into the 6th grade I started hanging out with the wrong crowd soon enough. I was the wrong crowd. I pushed away my parents and never came home cuz I hated them. I did everything to destroy them. I was a racist and was very suicidal. Constantly I would go to parties and look for ways to sin, but on June 12, 2008 I accepted Christ. Everything is new and amazing. The people at Masters Ranch and God are so amazing without them I’d be in prison or dead.

16 yrs old – Ft. Worth, Texas

Since I’ve gotten here I have bettered my relationship with my family. Before I came here I used, broke into houses and stole cars. I have learned some great working skills and now enjoy working.

16 yrs old – Beloit, Wisconsin

Ever since I’ve been at Masters Ranch I have learned many things I no longer have as much anger inside of me. I can control myself so much more than I used to. This is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I have so many dreams, so many ideas. And now thanks to Masters Ranch I will be able to fulfill all of my ideas and dreams. Thank you!

14 yrs old – Palm Beach, Florida

After arriving at Masters Ranch I’ve grown closer to the Lord. I strive to do right and I’ve learned to respect women and my elders. I now see that if it wasn’t because the Lord loves me I would be in New York selling medicines and destroying lives instead of trying to save them. I now have a great relationship with my family and I’m no longer constantly getting in trouble with the law. Now that I’ve decided to follow the Lord and do right, I see a great future ahead of me. Masters Ranch is the best thing that ever happen to me. By the way, I now am truly SAVED!

16 yrs old – Bronx, New York

God made a dramatic change in my life. He changed how I treated others and how I cussed. He showed me I should not take my anger out on the people around me. Now I read my Bible and now I am changed.

11 yrs old – Bentonville, Arkansas

I used to be a bad kid, doing dumb stuff like stealing, lying, cheating, selling stuff I stole. Back at home I would not listen to my mother never. Coming here changed me a lot with hard working a lot about the Lord. To listen to what I’m being told. I’ve learned good from evil.

15 yrs old – California

During the time before I came to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy I had burned almost all of my relationships with my friends and family. Being sent to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy has given me the chance to get to learn how to keep friends and learn to be a responsible hard worker.

15 yrs old – Oregon, Wisconsin

Before I came to Masters Ranch I was stealing things from stores and using and hanging out with gang members and ruined my relationship with my parents. But after I’ve been to Masters Ranch I’ve reconnected my relationships with my parents and God and Masters Ranch has given me good work habits and I no longer have the need or wants to do life-controlling things. If you have the time would you pray for the ranch in general?

17 yrs old – San Diego, California

I was sent to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy because of my dependences and my rebellion towards my parents. Masters ranch has helped me immensely with my issues, also towards my mother & father. This has also helped me with some trouble I got in with the law. I am thankful everyday for getting sent to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy!

16 yrs old – Oceanside, California

My life has drastically changed since I have been at Masters Ranch. Some ways relationships with God and I am building bridges back with my mom and family. I have accepted God as my savior. I am getting a second chance to life. Risky actions were taking over my life coming here has made me a all around better nicer person to be around and making me on my way to being a man.

16 yrs old – Oakland, New Jersey

My relationship with my parent wasn’t good. My dad and mom decided to get a divorce which pretty much put me down for a while but I was doing good for a while but then I started to do risky things and I was putting a lot of family and couple of friends down. I was into non-medical medicines hard and I put down my dad and mom by ending up in juvie.  But I got pulled out to go to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy and the next day I met an important person in my life, Jesus Christ, and he’s helped a lot so for my future I want to be a good Christian, son, husband, and dad and I pray everyday that I don’t go back to what I was doing and I’ve had good things happen to me and I’m glad I have good parent that love me and family and I want to apologize for what I did to my family.

16 yrs old – Moorpark, California

I was sent to Masters Ranch in September of 2007. Since arriving at Masters Ranch I have accepted Christ as my Savior and was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. I can’t see myself being a different person if God wasn’t in my life helping me leading me through the good and bad times. I’ve never had a problem with hard work but I had troubles with pride and other things, but the time I’ve spent here and all of the great things Pastor, Mamma T and last but not least God have taught me has probably changed my life forever. The family, and loved ones I have have noticed such great change in my life just as I have seen and tried to accomplish. If you have thought about sending your kid to a boarding/military school this is the perfect place. You won’t have any doubts when your done.

16 yrs old – Carlsbad, California

Before I got to Masters Ranch I used to stay out all night partying and disobeying my mom. Since I have been here at Masters Ranch learned to respect and love my mom more than anyone before I came to Masters Ranch. I got caught at school and being here they have dropped the charges. Future goals when I graduate is to join the coast guard and serve my country and learn how to be a real responsible man that I would never have been without Masters Ranch.

17 yrs old – Phoenix, Arizona

When I was back at home I was on dependences and very disrespectful to my parents. I also tried to take my life twice. I stole and did not believe in God. Since I have come to Masters Ranch I have gotten saved and I am working to build up my relationship with my parents.

16 yrs old – Oceanside, California

Masters Ranch has affected me greatly, my life has turned around. I have so much going for me now. I am taking an EMT course to become and EMT-B because I plan on being a fireman when I go home and I have a lot of connections for that. I also have got my GED down so I am done with high school and plan on going to community college. I also have gotten saved and close to God and my family. And I have gained a great deal of work ethic, so I have changed a lot because of Masters Ranch.

17 yrs old – Lansing, Michigan

Before I came to Masters Ranch my life was a mess. I was on a one way ticket to killing myself. I was always doing and selling. I was hurtful to my family and even tried to kill myself on several occasions. I hated life and God and the sooner my life was over the better. I thought everyone would be. I also always got in fights for no reason and was even becoming racist because the crowd I hung out with. Then I got to Masters Ranch. I got saved September 5, 2008 and God is doing wonders. I now want to tell people about the Lord and want to do right. I now longer want to do those bad habits and love life. This is the best place I ever could have come.

Thomas Just
16 yrs old – Yorba Linda, California

My time here at Masters Ranch has given me a new view on my life. I willingly came because I new something was wrong with how I was living. I was dishonest, angry, and just depressed. I’m glad I came here to learn to be a better person, and I’m growing mentally and physically every day!

15 yrs old – Ft. Worth, Texas

I just want to thank you sooo much for opening the ranch, it changed my life forever. I have cried so much today thanking God for the blessed life I now live. I have more than any other kid my age and even most adults, but it’s only because of God working in my life and yours and my parents. Y’all are always there to help me when I need help spiritually, mentally, financially; doesn’t matter, y’all have always helped me. I don’t trust a lot of people, but I know I can trust you. I love you soo much sir. I have literally the best life in the world. I have no regrets coming up here for God. I never imagined that God would exalt my life soo highly from following his commands and just loving him and giving my heart. It’s so truly amazing. Every day I am a success at what I do because of the abilities God has given me, and I am amazed that He loves me so much. So thank you for your faithfulness and love you have given to me, you saved my life.