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Animal Care

Animal Care Helps Troubled Boys

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Effective Therapy Methods at Master’s Ranch for Troubled Youth in Missouri  

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy runs a fully operational farm. We have seen the value of connecting kids to animals. Teens learn responsibility as they care for an animal that needs them. Animals also help secure the boy emotionally, reflect the boy’s moods and temperaments, and erase any streaks of cruelty that may have developed. Boys at the Ranch gain these benefits through therapy with cows, pigs, chickens, and dogs. All the boys also have regular ranch chores, such as milking cows, just as they have everyday tasks in the dorm and the kitchen. Boys also have the privilege of signing up for different learning experiences on the farm.   

Master’s Ranch understands that parents want to send a child to a safe, monitored environment where their child receives personal care and individual therapies that help heal disorders–whether brought on by trauma, adoption, or family genetics issues.     

christian boys homeWhile your teen enrolls at our therapeutic boarding school for counseling, treatment, and improving academic/life skills, Master’s Ranch also helps students improve mental and physical health by caring for animals.     

Reports show that interacting with a pet animal can aid in various mental and physical issues such as insomnia and anxiety disorder. Some of the many benefits of animal-assisted therapy include reducing stress, alleviating pain, reducing blood pressure, and improving mental state.    

Additionally, pet therapy helps improve joint movement and motor skills, develop social skills, increase motivation for exercise, decrease isolation and loneliness, and help kids develop nurturing and empathic skills.   

One of the most significant benefits of pet therapy is the reduction of stress and anxiety levels. When interacting with a friendly animal, the human brain releases “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that make the patient feel relaxed and more at peace.    

Animal Care Enhances the Benefits of Traditional Therapy at Master’s Ranch

When a teen boy struggles with trauma-induced disorders, i.e., anxiety, depression, lack of social interaction, attention deficit disorder, or self destructive, animal care can help him: 

  • improve socialization and communication
  • reduce isolation, boredom, and loneliness
  • brighten affect and mood, lessen depression, or provide pleasure and affection
  • improve memory and recall
  • address grieving and loss issues
  • improve self-esteem
  • be presented with opportunities to succeed and feel important
  • improve feelings of self-worth
  • improve reality
  • improve cooperation and problem-solving ability
  • improve concentration and attention, and increase engagement
  • decrease manipulative behaviors
  • improve the expression of feelings
  • reduce general anxiety
  • reduce abusive behavior
  • improve an ability to trust
  • learn appropriate touch.   

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Agriculture at the Master’s Ranch Christian Academy also has a vocational side. We farm and sell hay from our property. We raise and butcher pigs. In our dog kennel, boys will raise, breed, and train pedigree dogs for sale. We run a full-service cattle operation, including dairy and beef. We own several pedigree bulls and breed our cattle on the farm. We are also expanding into unusual breeds, such as the Belgian Blue bull and the Mangalitsa or wooly pig.  

These activities give boys unique experiences that teach them valuable lessons now and that they can take with them in the future. Their attitudes improve as they learn to work hard and gain a sense of accomplishment. They feel better about themselves. They build muscle and build confidence. They sleep well at night, and problems with ADD or ADHD fade away. Every victory is one step closer to manhood.  

Find Hope at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy

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Helping Transform Troubled Teens and Families Since 1997

With the Effective Master’s Ranch Program Master’s Ranch Christian Academy’s mission is to restore and heal families and their boys. Our ranch-style Christian Academy in Missouri helps troubled boys. While our program is highly disciplined, we use a family-style approach with a strong emphasis on work and responsibility. Master’s Ranch offers experienced group and individual counseling. We use an informal approach to counseling, often with the outdoors as the setting, since active teenage boys will open up and share more readily. While the boys are with us, we also work with parents to bring ideas to the home environment.    

Many parents who had lost hope for their son’s ability to change have thanked us for helping their struggling son at Master’s Ranch. Do you want to see your son thrive in a structured environment focused on developing Christian character and setting a new direction for his life? Master’s Ranch Christian Academy can help. Please call us today at (417) 938-4711 or email us at Admissions@mastersranch.org.