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Director’s Welcome

Director’s Welcome

A Word of Encouragement to Parents of Self-Destructive Teens:

Although your situation is unique and deeply personal to you, please remember that there are thousands of families going through the heartache and turmoil you face in your home right now. There is a literal epidemic of self-destructive teenagers in America today who seem bent on throwing their lives away. You rightly try to evaluate the impact he is having on himself, his siblings, and his parents and wonder what options are right for you to consider. Which ones have the greatest likelihood of success? Which of those can you really afford to embrace, both emotionally and financially? In short, you don’t think you can live with your child, and you can’t live without him. You are dismayed, embarrassed, confused, and feeling hopeless. You feel guilty, and wonder where YOU went wrong… Does this sound about right?

Please, please, please listen to me when I tell you that hundreds and hundreds of families each year have elected to send their children to a Christian boarding school, and scores of testimonies are available of families happily reunited with their happy, confident, and hopeful teens. When your friends and family mistake your decision for “giving up” on your son, you can confidently tell them that they are far from the truth. You are not giving up, or giving in; you are fighting for the life of your child. The sacrifices you will be called on to make in your separation, financial provision, and emotional support through his “anger phase” will take all the strength you can muster. Your faith and effort will be rewarded, and you will have every reason to hope…again.

Students who come to Master’s Ranch Christian Academy usually don’t like or understand the decision you are called upon now to bravely make. But over and over we have heard those same students, one day, thank God that their parents sent them, not away from their family, but to their help and hope. If they choose to grab the life ring you throw them– and it is their choice–you will never regret doing this for them. Our students love this home away from home, and though they may come “kicking and screaming” they will leave with a tear in their eyes for missing their second family. We will love your child, second only to you.

Please call us or inquire today to learn more about how Master’s Ranch can offer to heal you and your boy. We offer a listening ear and a knowing shoulder to cry on, and we are holding out hope.

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