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Junior High & Senior High Programs for Boys 12-17 years old

Master’s Ranch

A Christian Boarding School

With Therapy, Character-Building Activities, Vocational Skills & Strong Accredited Education

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a non-profit, Christian therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys between the ages of 12-17. Master’s Ranch is a place of daily adventure, from morning to night. It’s built for energetic boys to learn, through physical activity and mentoring, how to become authentic, trustworthy men.

Each boy is given experiences to equip them with the confidence to take on life’s challenges. They learn responsibility, principled living, the value of a strong work ethic, the creativity of rugged and unplugged play, and respect for God. We emphasize that honoring God and His principles is manly, too. Academic education is mixed with days where boys work alongside men in meaningful and purposeful projects. The active environment at Master’s Ranch helps boys develop a renewed excitement and care for life and their future. A multidisciplinary time Focus Care Team develops an individualized treatment strategy built on assessing your boy’s academic, behavioral, spiritual, and mental health needs. Our program is an excellent opportunity to make an impact on your teen son for a lifetime.

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Parent Testimonials

Testimonials And Reviews

“Master’s Ranch is doing something very right. The good results I see from Master’s Ranch Christian Academy far exceed anything I ever first imagined. At a time when it seems many of today’s youth are unwilling to work it’s a delight to know that Master’s Ranch teaches young individuals about the importance of hard work, honesty, and, foremost, the love of God.”

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Fred O’Neill

We are so very thankful for you, your family, and all the staff at Master’s Ranch Christian Academy. As a father of a young man that graduated from the ranch, we are forever in your debt. He has turned his life around as a DIRECT result from the love and care given at Master’s Ranch. As far as anyone saying that it is a juvenile detention center,

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of Former Student

I am a wife, mother, sister, and my favorite role has always been mother to my son. Once a troubled teen, life-controlling issues, sex, and much worse. That’s when we made the decision to take him to Master’s Ranch. Years later, my son and his wife have now came back to Masters Ranch to work there. He went to Bible College and is just beginning his own pastorial

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Tracy Carpenter

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Strong Counseling

We have experienced, credentialed, and licensed counselors to work with your son

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The boys play games reqularly, go swimming, play basketball, softball, and football, go fishing and hunting

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boys ranch
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Boys receive accredited Christian education preparing them for college and careers

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boys ranch

Vocation Skills

Boys gain confidence, build Character, and develop life skills

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The Renowned Master’s Ranch Program!
Struggling Boys Find Purpose

Our Christian boarding school and boys home is unique in that it provides strong mentorship from qualified staff, accredited academics, fun athletics, thrilling adventure, and extensive “hands-on” vocational experience for the boys as they also work on the ranch.

In addition to safely working with the ranch animals, tools and equipment, they learn real-life, potentially high wage trades and receive responsibility and character-building that is needed for a successful future.

Boys have important daily tasks and a strong emphasis on education and studies, through which they earn a sense of pride. They learn and experience a variety of trades, building new confidence, respect for themselves and others, and a strong work ethic.

Boys are counseled with discipline and training in an unmistakable atmosphere of mentoring, love, and acceptance. Each boy is given the tools needed to regain confidence, self-respect, and spiritual footing necessary to embrace his family and his future.

Safe, Energetic Ranch Life & Accredited Academics in a Home-Like Setting You Can Trust

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At Master’s Ranch Christian Academy, we are dedicated to the restoration and healing of families and their boys.

Our ranch-type residential program in Missouri helps troubled boys. While our program is highly disciplined, we use a family-style approach with a strong emphasis on work and responsibility. Master’s Ranch offers experienced group and individual counseling. We use an informal approach to counseling, often with the outdoors as the setting, since teenage boys who are active will open up and share more readily. While the boys are with us, we also work with parents to bring ideas to the home environment as well.