Here are the Signs that mean you should consider a program for troubled boys, like Master Ranch – Christian ranches for boys and residential treatment for teens.

Should You Consider a Residential Program Like Master’s Ranch for Your Boy? Answer These Questions…

1. Does your boy suddenly struggle with basic family rules?
2. Has your boy been expelled from school, been truant or had a significant drop in grades during the past year?
3. Has your boy become verbally abusive?
4. Does your boy associate with a bad peer group?
5. Has your boy lost interest in positive activities or sports?
6. Has your boy had trouble with the law or authority at school?
7. Do you choose your words carefully so you don’t elicit a verbal attack or rage from your boy?
8. Are you worried your boy may not finish high school?
9. Is your boy sleeping less?
10. Has your boy’s personal hygiene changed significantly?
11. Does your boy display explosive behavior?
12. Is your boy manipulative and/or deceitful?
13. Is your boy cruel to or uncaring of smaller children or animals?
14. Have you tried professional counseling to no avail?
15. Are you concerned your boy is sexually promiscuous?
16. Is your boy addicted to pornography?
17. Has your boy become increasingly self-destructive and involved in dangerous risk taking?
18. Does your boy refuse to work at odd jobs and earn money?
19. Do you suspect your boy has stolen money from you?
20. Are you concerned for your boy’s safety, or that he will run away?
21. Are you concerned for your boy’s sibling’s safety?
22. Is your boy’s behavior adversely affecting your other children, and robbing you of the time and energy to be able to attend to them as you wish to?
23. Are you often intimidated by your boy?
24. Do you feel you cannot trust your boy?
25. Is your boy involved with drugs and/or alcohol?
26. Are you exhausted and at the end of your rope because of your boy’s defiant choices and destructive behavior?
27. Are you relatively sure this pattern will persist or get worse if you do nothing?

If you answered YES to more than half of these questions, you should seriously consider a residential program or specialty Christian school that fits your circumstances.

Please call us. We will answer any questions you have about what life will be like for your son at Master’s Ranch, and we will offer our encouragement that yes, there is hope for you and your teen.

Should you need help finding military schools for troubled teens, Christian therapeutic schools, residential treatment for teens or residential treatment for girls, please let us know. If you are searching for boys homes, boys ranches or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Christian boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. This one of few boys ranches and therapeutic boarding schools for teens that is Christian and affordable.

Troubled Teenager Warning Signs, Presented by Masters Ranch

Here are the Signs that mean you should consider a program for troubled boys, like Master Ranch