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Staff Bios

(not all staff of MRCA are included)

Pastor David and Tresa Bosley
Directors and Administrators

Pastor David and Tresa Bosley have four children of their own. Almost from the beginning they began taking in children of all ages, who would just show up at their home or get dropped off by troubled parents. So began their calling and passion for disadvantaged or hurting children. Now more than 28 years later, they have raised hundreds of kids, with the larger part keeping in touch with them to this day. While raising a family and taking in extra kids by the dozen at a time, Mr. Bosley has worked as a farmer, corrections officer, journeyman welder, union millwright, loan officer, realtor, business owner/entrepreneur, salesman, fencing contractor, logger, and equipment operator, in addition to church planting, pastoring, and youth work. During these years of raising kids for others, Pastor and Mrs. Bosley have continued their research and education in the issues and counseling methods necessary to address the various and complex needs of troubled teens. They also spend a lot of time counseling and encouraging the parents of these at-risk kids. David and Tresa Bosley are well known for their passionate love for and success with troubled teens. They are truly gifted for the difficult work they have been called to carry on.

Arthur Poulin
Bookkeeper, Math Tutor for GED/ACT/SAT Prep Courses

Arthur, while attending college in Austin, TX. Heard a powerful and passionate Easter Sunday message in 1985, Arthur’s heart turned, and he accepted Jesus Christ as his own Personal Savior with great joy. Arthur met the Bosleys in 1994 in Olympia, WA at the church where Pastor Bosley was the pastor . He also worked with Tresa in a homeschool co-op and witnessed firsthand their love for at-risk children. Life took Arthur and the Bosleys in different directions for a few years, until finally, in 2010, Arthur gave up a very lucrative job as an international accountant with a global company to come on board the Master’s Ranch as bookkeeper, tutor, mentor and instructor. Arthur, who was adopted at 10 years old after a some volatile family situations makes him uniquely sympathetic and understanding of many of the boys.

John Abbott

Worked as Director of Reformers Unanimous from 2006 – 2011. Worked with the Montana Meth Project and Teen Challenge in Montana as addictions speaker. Worked as minister to Montana D.O.C. for Missouri Pre-release     2007 – 2009. Worked at Master’s Ranch 2012 – current. Worked as training boys in shop and addictions and ministering.

Pastor Russ Cookston

From the time I was young boy my parents have told me that they dedicated me to the Lord when I was a toddler, little did I know the journey this would take me on! As the son of an Air Force Sergeant, moving from Alaska to Texas to Colorado to Turkey (yes, the Country) back to the States where my father worked in the Pentagon then off to settle in Indiana was quite a journey in itself & afforded me many different experiences in a short time none of it could prepare me for the that awaited! It’s in Indiana that I first remember being a regular member of a church and this is also where I was saved and met my future wife.

After graduating from high school God called me to attend Bible College, it is there where I received my Bachelor of Science, Church Education with a Youth Major. Some years later as our family grew and life got messy, we were in need of finding a program for our daughter; one of life’s most difficult and heart wrenching situations to deal with. While it was a very hard time, we had a wonderful outcome and were able to see God’s hand through it all. Fast forward two years and life found us on the move, again, heading to full time ministry where our daughter had received help. For the next 16 years we found ourselves ministering to teen girls and their families where I had the privilege of being the Pastor and Director. It was around the end of 2012 that one door closed and another opened for us at Masters Ranch working with boys. While the gender is different the problems of the heart are the same. But WOW the activities with the young men are way different! I still have the amazing opportunity to instruct these young men in God’s Word, guiding them into manhood, helping them develop integrity while also getting to teach wood shop, hunting, fishing, camping…all the fun guy stuff! God has truly blest my life and I’m so thankful that I have been given this great responsibility and privilege.

Kim Cookston

As a mother of two daughters I experienced a devastating blow in 1993 that no parent wants to face; our daughter was in grave danger and needed help quickly! This began a search for a program that could provide 24/7 care & attention that my husband & I simply could not. This also began my realization and “on the job training” as I grew to understand that we weren’t the only parents in such a predicament and that there was indeed help out there for wayward teens! Within two years we began on a new leg of our journey. We were content, continuing to grow together with our “new” daughter, who by the way we are ecstatic to report, is doing very well, but alas God had other plans! This began our life ministry of what has been 24 years, as God lead us to the very program He used to help us with our own daughter. Now I was in a unique position to not only help teens, but to help their parents also as they traverse this difficult & emotionally overwhelming path.  Such an endeavor is quite life consuming to be involved in as it makes many demands on every aspect of oneself. However, the eternal rewards far outweigh the difficult moments & we are so thankful for God’s grace through it all!

My professional training in the medical transcription/office management in 1992 has come into play over the years & been very beneficial, as have countless seminars & workshops.

Kimbra resides in Alton with her loving & tenacious husband, devoted to God, one another, their daughter & son-in-love, grandchildren & their fur-baby Gilly.

Adam Walters
Student Supervisor, Drivers Ed. Instructor, Maintenance Supervisor

Adam was born in San Diego, CA. In high school Adam was skipping school and using drugs, and when he left home at 17 to live with friends, his drug use increased and his life spiraled out of control. Though he always knew he was going the wrong direction, he was 22 before he hit rock bottom and decided to clean up his life. He sought help through his church and was taken in by a friend of Pastor Bosley, who brought him to Master’s Ranch. Adam completely turned his life around and began living for the Lord. He worked as junior staff at the ranch for a time, then attended Providence Baptist College in Elgin, IL for a year before returning to MRCA as staff in August, 2010. Adam has a burden to help the boys avoid the type of life he was living before. He continues to grow in Christian character and is excited about God’s future for him. Along with his beautiful wife, Audrey, who is also on staff at MRCA, Adam says he has truly found his calling for the rest of his life.

Audrey Walters

I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher, to work with youth, and to be a part of something that would last longer than me and is bigger than me.  After graduating college in 2009, with a teaching degree, I taught for 2 years before meeting my husband, Adam. We were married in 2011 and I moved from Oklahoma to Missouri. I came on as staff for MRCA in the summer of 2012 working in the kitchen and helping out with whatever I could. Having a husband who is a product of this program, I have a great appreciation for what it can do for future men and families. When a position opened in the school, and I was able to help, I worked part time in the school and part time in the kitchen; until eventually I worked full time in the school and supervised the kitchen with the help of our kitchen manager.  I have a love for learning and helping others to learn. My goal as the teacher at MRCA is to help our students to have a springboard into a successful life at home. Succeeding in academics is a one portion of our program that improves self-confidence and gives future men the tools they need to support themselves and their future families.

“Grandma Betty” Bosley

One our ministry’s most precious treasures – known affectionately by everyone as “Grandma Betty” is the mother of Pastor David Bosley.  When David and Tresa had the opportunity to found MRCA ministry, a vision they had for many years, she was delighted to take a leap of faith and contributed all she had financially to the ministry to get it started; her moral and maternal support; and lots of prayers. She is the initial purchaser of the first ranch property and serves on the Board-of-Directors. The boys love having Grandma Betty around; she loves them all unconditionally and treats each one as if they were her own beloved grandson.

Having traveled many times from her now former home in Irvine, CA, to visit and help out in the ministry, Betty decided to move nearby the ranch in 2012 to join the staff of the ranch ministry for boys. Betty was the founder and co-owner of a successful business in California, and has decades of experience in many industries, from real estate, loans, notary training, landscaping, and interior decorating. She is an entrepreneur with valuable experience to share through the Masters Ranch School.

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Staff at Masters Ranch Christian Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys.