Policies at Masters Ranch Christian Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. – boarding schools and school placement.


(Complete Policy Manual Available by Request)

10450521_10152875617647177_7762584391342555346_nCorporal Punishment

The program does not include corporal punishment as a rule. Discipline is achieved primarily by the gain or loss of privileges. Secondarily, physical fitness routines such as pushups are utilized as reminders or reinforcements for rule violations. All benefits are earned and most can be forfeited; privileges, rank, and even time can all be lost or gained.

Student Safety

We are very selective about the students we accept. We will not knowingly take gang members, residents with known violent behavior or charges, and we don’t accept students with charges for sexual offenses, or known sexual predation.


Students do not have to be willing to come or to stay and it is not easy to be expelled. The primary cause for expulsion would be committing a crime or assault on another student that requires the intervention of law enforcement. This is not unheard of but is highly unusual.

Family Involvement

One of our primary purposes is the reunification of the entire family if possible. We don’t have an official program required for the rest of the family, but we make diligent effort to help the entire family change for the better. We encourage many visits throughout the duration of the program with group counseling for the whole family on those events.

Length of Stay

The program is ordinarily a minimum of one year with a month to month commitment after that. The average stay is more like 18-24 months and it is always a more successful transition with the boys who stay that length of time.

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Policies at Masters Ranch Christian Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys.