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Trying to Find an Affordable Christian Boarding School for Troubled Boys Close to Greenwell Springs, Louisiana?

Even though it is not in Greenwell Springs, LA, Master’s Ranch and Christian Academy in rural Missouri may be exactly the place for your teenage boy if he’s been getting off track in life.

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At the Master’s Ranch Christian Boarding School, we are familiar with the heartache of parenting a troubled or rebellious boy. Permit us to reassure you that healing for your boy is close at hand. Master’s Ranch is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage boys from Greenwell Springs, Louisiana and across the nation. Despite the fact that our facility is located in rural Missouri, not in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, we would love the chance to listen to your story and offer our assistance.

Families in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana Select Master’s Ranch for Their Teens Who Need a New Path in Life

Master’s Ranch is a new home for boys who need proper direction to make a new start for themselves. The therapeutic program makes much of the value of work, taught through agricultural work, regular chores in the kitchen and dorms, and a strong vocational program. Boys live in a structured environment, learning respect for authority and personal responsibility. We value education as a privilege, and we teach boys to think about it the same way.

Master's Ranch Christian AcademyWe start with physical training to bring boys up to a basic level of fitness. They develop muscle, they feel good about themselves, and they experience something positive as they begin to see progress in their fitness goals. Those achievements carry over into other areas. In work projects and vocational skills and even in school, their accomplishments bolster confidence so that boys are built up. Meanwhile, we help boys comprehend the ramifications of their past choices. Their thinking straightens out and their inappropriate behavior turns into character and integrity.At Master’s Ranch, we give boys every opportunity to be successful.

Our Residents Have a Family-Like Environment at Master’s Ranch

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Adolescents at Master’s Ranch Christian Boarding School feel at home here. We run like a family, caring for these boys no matter what and going through the days alongside them, coaching and training them. We offer biblical counseling and ongoing mentorship and spiritual guidance.

Residents have access to daily devotions and weekly church services, so they have the chance to ask questions about life and choose a relationship with Jesus. Many of our boys adopt the Bosleys, the directors at Master’s Ranch, as their second parents and a large number come back to help or to visit. We enjoy ourselves on the ranch, too. Boys spend a great deal of their weekends and free time hunting, playing sports, and just learning how to enjoy healthy fun again.

The Master’s Ranch Christian Therapeutic Program Sends Young Men Out Ready for Tomorrow

boarding schoolsTeens from Greenwell Springs, Louisiana who finish the Master’s Ranch program may go back home to Greenwell Springs to complete high school and reunite with their parents, or they may move on to college, further vocational training, the workforce, or the military. Master’s Ranch graduates are highly prepared for productive lives.

Would you think about allowing us to care for your teen, even though we are not located in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana?

We have worked with teenagers like your son for many years, often caring for troubled youth out of our own home. Getting in touch with us is a positive first step toward restoration for your family. We will fight hard for you and your boy.

We invite you to look at our website and call us today at (417) 597-2532 . Our boarding school admissions director is ready to personally listen to your story and talk about how we can help.

More about therapeutic schools in or near Greenwell Springs, Louisiana:

Greenwell Springs is an unincorporated community in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, United States. The zip code for this area is 70739.

In the 1850s, Robert W. Greenwell purchased land in the area of what is now known as the community of Greenwell Springs. Greenwell began developing the area into a rural resort. The resort was built around 10 medicinal springs. Despite the springs being in close proximity to each other, each spring was said to have very different and distinct mineral properties from the others. It was believed that this indicated the springs each came from different levels beneath the ground.

The resort area became known as the Greenwell Springs Hotel, and was used during the American Civil War as a headquarters and staging area by Confederate General John Breckinridge. Prior to the Battle of Baton Rouge in April 1862, Breckinridge’s forces marched west to attack Union forces that had occupied the city. After the battle, Confederate forces retreated back to the Greenwell Springs Hotel and used it was a hospital for wounded troops. Both Union and Confederate troops were buried on the grounds of the hotel in unmarked graves. During the war, Robert W. Greenwell joined the Confederate Army, and served as a Captain. He was the commander of the East Baton Rouge Guards which was then Company F, 3rd Louisiana Cavalry, during the Battle of Port Hudson.

After the war, most of the resort village known as Greenwell Springs, as well as the Greenwell Springs Hotel, was torn down. The lumber from these buildings was used to help rebuild structures in Baton Rouge that had been damaged or destroyed during the war. In 1910, a new Greenwell Springs Hotel was built on the site of the old hotel. A new springhouse was built at the same time as the new hotel. A short time after construction was completed, the springs stopped flowing. The loss of the springs was believed to be because the mouths of the springs were opened too wide which resulted in a loss of water pressure. With the absence of the springs, the new hotel soon lost appeal and was closed down. In 1920, the Greenwell Springs Hotel burned down. The State of Louisiana later bought the property to use as a tuberculosis hospital and eventually as a mental hospital known as Greenwell Springs Hospital. It was during this time that the springs began to flow again.

In April 2005, the unincorporated community of Greenwell Springs became part of the territory of the newly formed incorporated city known as Central City.

It is the home of former Louisiana State Senator Gaston Gerald, a farmer/rancher in East Baton Rouge and Washington parishes. Current State Representative Clif Richardson resides there.

Excerpt about therapeutic schools in Greenwell Springs, Louisiana, used with permission from Wikipedia.


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Thank you for finding out more about Master’s Ranch therapeutic Christian boarding school for boys, though we are not located in Greenwell Springs, LA.

Should you need help finding troubled youth ranches, military boarding schools or schools for troubled girls, please let us know. If you are searching for boys homes, boys ranches or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Christian boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. This one of few boys ranches and therapeutic boarding schools for teens that is Christian and affordable.

Greenwell Springs, Louisiana Christian Boarding Schools for Boys

Need a Christian boarding school for a troubled boys that enrolls boys from Greenwell Springs, Louisiana? See our affordable boarding school.