Admissions at Masters Ranch Christian Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys. – residential treatment for girls and U.S. military schools.

Admissions Process

Master's Ranch Christian AcademyMasters Ranch is an affordable option for troubled teens.  Contact us now to see how affordable we are.  

Please inquire using the online form or call us today.  Should you call you will likely talk to one of the Founders of MRCA, either Tresa or David Bosley.

Our fees are far less than most therapeutic boarding schools, but our outcomes are tops because we’re a highly relational program. In other words, your boy learns to act better, respect himself and the feelings of others, to look forward to and prepare for his future, as well as to learn a valuable lifelong trade.

If MRCA initially seems like a good fit for you, we will help guide you through the application process, which can be quite quick. We will want to discuss the history of your family and your boy as well as the primary reason he is needing help. We will also cover what his grades, your financial situation, any medical conditions or mental health diagnosis such as ADD, ADHD or OCD, and any history of violence. Please be advised that we do not accept boys convicted of violent crimes or if they are current gang members.


Tresa Bosley Admissions Director

We carefully screen all of our inquiries to be certain that your boy is a good fit for our program and that we are qualified to appropriately handle his needs. If through the initial phone call we determine that your boy is a good match for MRCA, I will send you our application (or you can download it below) and a letter describing life at the ranch.

In emergency situation an enrollment can happen in as little as 24 hours. We will work with you to accommodate the needs of your family and help you work with a transport service if your boy is unwilling to come or if he has run away and needs to be found then brought here.

Call us for a free consultation to see if your teen is a good fit for the Master’s Ranch.  You may also fill out our application and submit it to see if your teen would be accepted. We do have limited availability but if we are full or if your teen is not a good fit for the Master’s Ranch, we will connect you with other resources.


Should you need help finding all girls boarding schools, Christian therapeutic boarding schools, ranch schools or boarding school, please let us know. If you are searching for boys homes, boys ranches or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Christian boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. This one of few boys ranches and therapeutic boarding schools for teens that is Christian and affordable.


Admissions at Masters Ranch Christian Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys.